Приемная Почетного Консула Российской Федерации
в Маастрихте, Нидерланды
Honorair consulaat
van de Russische Federatie
in Maastricht, Nederland
P. van Vloten
wapen Rusland
Citizens of the Netherlands can contact the Honorary Consulate for information regarding doing business in Russia.
For visa info www.vhs-nederland.com

The consulate is located in La Bonbonnière, which is also known as the “Culture room” of Maastricht. It is home to one of the oldest theaters in the Netherlands and hosts a variety of cultural events. The building has a traditional brasserie where you can enjoy various Russian dishes.

P.H.L.C. van Vloten.
Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in Maastricht

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Dear visitor,

I cordially welcome you to the website of the Honorary Consulate of the Russian Federation in the provinces of Limburg and North Brabant in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. As Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation, I am responsible for providing protection and consular information support to Russian citizens in the provinces of Limburg and North Brabant. The functions of the Consulate include:
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